Are You Generous Or Greedy With Your Knowledge?


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Dear Readers:

I am often asked to share my thoughts on my competitors and I always explain that I believe that there is not only room for all of us, but a place for all of us as well.

It is for this reason that I never shy away from offering any assistance I can to those who come to me and ask for it. I support my staff in doing so as well. Sure, I could see every success outside of my own company as a threat, but I prefer to focus on my own path while always reminding myself of how it felt when I was a dreamer, one who made tremendous mistakes and who ached for the knowledge that could have prevented quite a few of them. I made a commitment early on to always share my lessons instead of hoarding them because, God knows, I appreciated it when others did that for me.

But what is generosity really? Yes, giving money and supplies to others is kind, but time and knowledge is the gift that offers interest everyday for a lifetime. To me, teaching a man or a woman how to fish, so to speak, is one of the greatest things we can do, not only for our legacy, but the industry itself. When we look at one another as colleagues and not competition, we create an atmosphere of giving and education. This is something we all benefit from. We give, we grow, we challenge one another, and we put ourselves in a place of being challenged to avoid stagnancy and to strive for something better.

Today, I would like to ask all of you to share your thoughts on this concept and whether or not you feel I am being idealistic or realistic. 



(Photo Courtesy of Mario Sorrenti)