Are You A Great Florist?


Preston Bailey Flower Design InspirationIt’s no secret that one of the true treasures of my heart is working with flowers. But I also love it when I have the opportunity to work with talented and passionate florists in America and abroad. And, as far as I’m concerned, one of the best and brightest is the brilliant floral architect and Belgium designer Daniel Ost. (Do you know Ost? If not, check him out right now!)

And of course I also love pouring over flower books. I always have. Which is why I wrote my latest book, Preston Bailey Flowers. I want to inspire readers to not only create beautiful flower arrangements but also to explore and take risks. To sculpt and play with flowers. That’s the best part! It’s also when you’ll come up with your best designs.

I’m always searching for new florists across the globe who I can collaborate with. Do you know any amazing florists?

Please nominate the best florist in your area in the comments below. What I’m really looking for are florists who understand the beauty (and necessity!) of taking floral risks. No playing it safe around here! And, as always, don’t hesitate to nominate yourself.

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