Are Flowers Out?


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Dear Readers:

I recently came across an article claiming that flowers were no longer considered fashionable at events; I almost fell out of my chair. My reaction was, “What? Are you kidding?”  To each their own, but this made me look back at what an important role flowers have played in my life.

I did some research and this is what I have learned: A few of my florist colleagues shared that they are using less flowers and more candles as a result of clients not wanting to pay the high prices associated with some of the more specialized flowers that have had to be market up in order for the florists to make a profit. This, I can totally understand. Others claimed that some clients are afraid of using a lot of flowers as they worry about showing off. This is one I do not get at all. I thought that was the whole purpose of entertaining (just joking).

Regardless, I stand by my stance that the use of flowers is one of the best ways to create a festive mood and it would be a shame to see that custom go.

What do you think? Are flowers still in or are they out? As a florist, do you find there is a great increase in the cost of wholesale flowers?

(Note: The photo above is of The Lady Slippers Orchid, my favorite flower in 2014.)