low floral wedding centerpiece

(Image via Preston Bailey)

Everyone knows summertime is big wedding season, but I’m also very busy with all of my fall and winter brides, who are in the middle of intently planning their own upcoming weddings. With the bad economy the last two years, many of my brides requested understated designs. They wanted elegance but nothing showy. They felt it would be in bad taste to do anything too grand; they didn’t want to look like they were showing off.

However, finally, this is starting to change. This year, most of my brides are ready to embrace their ultimate dream wedding, and they are not afraid to do something spectacular. I think Prince William and Kate Middleton can take some responsibility for this; I suspect the Royal Wedding made everyone feel like it was OK to celebrate again.

tall floral centerpiece

(Image via Preston Bailey)

Readers, are your clients also asking for bigger designs again? My New York City brides all seem to want tall centerpieces right now, and I’m loving it. But what are they requesting in your area — tall or low arrangements? I love getting this kind of information from all of you, because sometimes it feels like New York City is its own little bubble, and I’m missing all the action going on elsewhere.

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