Appreciating Art Basel, Miami Beach


Dear Readers:

As many of you know, this Sunday marked the end of Art Basel Miami Beach, the Miami-based counterpart to the original Art Basel in Switzerland.   As an artist and a lover of fashion, I love the concept of the event; a place where artists, designers and fans of both come together to shop, celebrate and get inspired. This year, 75,000 international visitors viewed modern and contemporary works showcased by over 250 of the world’s most respected galleries and artists new on the scene.  Though I could not be in attendance this year, I wanted to share my appreciation for events such as this one as well as a few photos of some of the pieces showcased.  Which one is your favorite? Did you attend the event this year?



Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey's Blog, art, Birgit Jürgenssen, Shoe-roulade, black and white, photography, inspiration, art inspiration, 1977

Birgit Jürgenssen, Shoe-roulade, 1977


Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey's Blog, art, Places of Power, Waterfall, 2013, photography, art inspiration, nature, water, avante garde,

Marina Abramovic, Places of Power, Waterfall, 2013

Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey's Blog, art, Zilia Sánchez, Lunar V (Moon V), 1973, art, art inspiration, photography, white, blue,

Zilia Sánchez, Lunar V (Moon V), c. 1973