A Wonderful ISSE Event


Dear Readers,

Last Monday and Tuesday, I had the great pleasure of speaking to a number of wonderful men and women at the ISSE event in Orange, VA.  I always enjoy these events immensely as there is nothing like the dynamic energy that comes from person-to-person contact.  I am always honored to have the opportunity to share my ideas and experience with my colleagues and to have the opportunity to learn more about them.  I also very much enjoy working with ISSE, a wonderful organization with which I am proud to be connected.
This past week’s topic was “Value Selling” which, in essence, was about how we, as artists, can share our passion and talents and be paid properly for them. As most of you know, making a living doing what you love most isn’t always easy.  We live in a time when  artistry is appreciated but often undervalued.  With this in mind, I would like to share a few tips in the hope that they will help you better understand and present your own professional worth in a way that is respectful to your client, to your art, and to your need to pay the bills while you look for new clients.

I am looking forward to sharing this information with ISSE members in Carmel, CA (a favorite destination spot of mine) next Monday and Tuesday.

A Special Thank You to:

Jackie James 

Tiffany Chalk 

Tiffany Bowen

Stacie Francombe

Larissa Parks

Syed Yaqeen


Thank you to Jenn McBride of McBride Events, her husband Patrick McBride of MOSAIC Edibles.  A very special thank you to Stacie Francombe, who makes these events possible.

Lastly, I’d like to thank David and Charlene Scibel at the Inn at Willow Grove.  This was such a beautiful and serene venue, I didn’t want to leave.