A Whole New Connection

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A Whole New Connection

Dear Readers:

Happy Wednesday!  Yesterday, I spoke about a few different areas on the new site, and today I would like to share some more exciting news.  As you know, I have been really enjoying getting to know more about all of you and I read all of your wonderful comments here on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter and I wanted to open up even more ways for us to communicate and connect. We can now connect on:


Google +


Twitter @prestonrbailey

Weibo (Chinese Twitter)

I wanted to open up these different venues to allow all of you to connect in a way that makes you feel most comfortable, heard and (I hope) inspired. I would also like to address the notes I have received about the blog on the site.  All of you are still welcomed and encouraged to comment here and can do so by entering your information below each post.

Please do share your thoughts and thank you again for helping me grow and shake things up by inspiring me to become even more interactive!

Which social media platform is your favorite to work with?