A Week of Inspiration

Preston in Central Park

Preston Biking in Central Park(Photo via).

I had such a great week. The weather was wonderful for the most part in New York. I started training again for an upcoming triathlon (my best ideas happen while I am in the zone exercising). However, last Monday after finishing an 8 mile run, I had a strong sneezing attack because of my allergies–no fun. That night I had dinner with the extraordinary folks from the Knot. Carley is one of the most brilliant strategists in the industry.

Wednesday night, I was taken to the theater by my friend (she’s also an amazing publicist) Amy Brownstein to see the musical Memphis. I enjoyed this show a lot, however my only comment is that I think Broadway shows have too much of a formula. It’s a lot of high energy dancing with lots of loud belting voices. By the time I left the theater I was exhausted. I rushed home to see the last (DVR’d) episode of Ugly Betty. Amy represents two characters, Betty’s nephew Justin and Hilda his mother. Betty never looked better. It’s such a big disappointment this show was cancelled. It was one of my funniest escapes.

Last night my partner Theo took me to Carnegie Hall to see La Commedia by composer Louis Andriessen. First of all, I always feel extremely glamourous in this historical space. I have seen great talents perform here, like Shirley Bassey, Nina Simone, Josephine Baker (yes, way back in the seventies), Bruce Springsteen and many others. Whenever I step into Carnegie Hall, it feels like going back in time. The performance last night was musically challenging for me. I had to work hard not to fall asleep even though I walked away feeling inspired. (Yes folks, at times we need to work for our inspiration.)

Inspiration requires time to play.

Every weekend I plan an ARTIST DATE for myself. I’d like to encourage you all to do the same. This weekend, I am planning to visit the Museum of Modern Art In New York to see the exhibit of the amazing artist Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present. I am really looking forward to this. One always needs to work in filling the creative well of ideas.

Now please share with me: What inspired your creative juices this week? And, if you were planning an artist date any place in the world, where would you go for inspiration?