A Visit To The Ukraine: My Profile of a Gracious Host


Dear Readers:

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Lviv Wedding show in Ukraine. Today, I would like to share my interview with my generous and talented host, Lana. I think many of you who are starting out will appreciate her professional journey.


What drew you towards the event industry and how did you “break in”?

Once I worked in London in wedding decoration service – I realized that I had found myself. Getting my start was not easy, to say the least. Like many starting out, we started out with very low prices, almost doing weddings for free just to have the opportunity to bring our ideas to life. We saw results very quickly. I believe that it was because we were able to show our clients that we can do much more than our colleagues.

You were working in London, tell us why you chose to move back to the Ukraine to start the events business?

My family and friends were here and I missed them a lot. Though it is much more difficult to achieve success here, I love my country very much and want to work here.

Did living in London help you in any way?

Yes, of course! I came to London as a student without any support. I can say that life in Britain made me strong and really instilled in me the idea that I could make any of my dreams come true as long as I gave my best to my clients.

I understand that this is the first wedding conference in Lviv. Why did you decide to have one?

I always wanted to organize a wedding exhibition and make it special. You have always been my guru and meeting you was something extraordinary for me. At first everyone said that you would never come to the Ukraine, but I proved them wrong and showed them that we can make our own dreams come true. We plan to continue to host exhibitions and invite well-known industry leaders every year.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I love gorgeous weddings with lots of flowers, crystals and candles. I also love to experiment with colors. And I do not like to repeat anything. I always try to convince my clients to order something new.

What is the Ukraine Wedding & Events market like?

I can say that it is still in a state of development. In the Ukraine, food is more important than flowers at weddings. But you advised us to educate your customer on their options and show the value of different elements and we will do it.

How do you balance family life with your growing business?

I have a year-and-a-half old daughter. Like a lot of parents, balancing work and family can be a challenge. Still, I think it is essential that you provide a strong example for your children by doing what you love. I want to be a happy mother and a successful businesswoman, and I am always working towards that.

Question: Can you relate to the struggles Lana faced in the beginning in terms of nearly working for free? How do you balance your personal and professional life?