A Tale of an Unhappy Bride: Bad Planning Practices


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Dear Readers:

Now, there are always two sides to every story and in my 33 years of being in this business, the only thing I know for certain is that something will always go wrong in every job I do.  Still, no one ever wants to talk about our mistakes and how we can improve our work the next time around.

The worst part of something going wrong is when a bride walks away from a planner or designer, dissatisfied with the services that have been provided. I am hoping that the planner we are going to discuss today reads this blog to get a sense of just how unhappy her bride was. Today, I will share the story of my amazing assistant, Tamara.

Tamara started in my company as an apprentice and I quickly learned how amazing she was and offered her a full-time position. At the time, she announced that she had become engaged and to my disappointment, she had already put her wedding plans into place (before she started with me).  That said, we were  all so excited for her that we followed her plans from start to finish.

Unfortunately, soon after hiring her planner, she began to bitterly complain about the services she was being provided (or not provided). Here, I would like to share Tamara’s frustration.

I. She claimed that her planner constantly used the go-to phrase, “This is how we do it in our town,” when Tamara made a request. This included asking the planner to present her with options.

II. Tamara stated that her planner lacked professionalism when communicating ideas and told her, “You just need to trust me!” when asked questions. There were no mock ups or storyboards, no floor plans… In fact, nothing was submitted by the planner or the vendors she worked with.

III. When the couple insisted on more information, the planner threatened to quit–two weeks before the wedding and after she’d been paid in full!

IV. On the day of the wedding, the planner had the groom and his friends setting up luminaries.

I chose to write this blog because my lovely Tamara felt helpless and disppointed by the way she was treated.  Dear readers, I know different planners do different things in in various parts of the world, but if you were Tamara, what would you have done? No mockups, storyboards or floor plans? I find this to be incredible; what do you think?