A Stunning Glow Stone Entrance


Glow Stones Driveway Photoluminescent Stones

I found this photo on Pinterest. Isn’t it beautiful? The driveway is actually a mixture of gravel and glow stones (or glow rocks as they are sometimes called).

Do you know about glow stones? They’re non-toxic, photo-luminescent and waterproof. Expose them to light for a mere 10 minutes, and they’ll stay illuminated for more than 12 hours. (No electricity required.) Genius.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile and know my work, you know how strongly I feel about the entrance to my events — I always plan a few WOW moments. The entrance, after all, is your only chance to make an incredible first impression and set the tone for the rest of the evening. In other words, glow stones are an ideal material for me.

Dear Readers, have you ever used glow stones in your work? If so, send me a link! I’d love to see.

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