A Reason To Welcome Winter


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Dear Readers,

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone is enjoying a productive week.

This morning, while making my brisk walk through the city of New York, I began thinking about the ways in which mother nature works as an artist. I’ve made no secret that she is my favorite designer, and I find her work endlessly inspiring. A walk in Central Park  can break down a creative block faster than any office brainstorming session.

Very recently, a friend of mine was gasping at my enjoyment of colder weather. “What is there possibly to like to about winter?” she asked. “Snowflakes,” I responded. Her face went soft. She understood. While I adore flowers and am enamored of trees, snowflakes are particularly interesting to me as they are made of a crystal construction–and you know I love my crystals. I recall many winter mornings when I felt almost a childlike wonder as I looked at tiny snowflakes sparkling against the background of my black coat, after watching the thousands of them falling like glitter from the sky.

The different points of light created by the ones that glistened on the limbs of bare trees are always especially charming. It has been said that no two snowflakes are alike, and even more miraculous, each design is perfectly symmetrical. I believe that they are one of the wonders of winter, and worth all of the layering and shivering required to enjoy them in their full glory.

Today, I would like to ask you all the following questions:

What elements in mother nature inspire you? 

How are you influenced by her design?

Is there a specific season you gravitate towards, and why?




(Photo of Timofey Cherepanovs Macro Photographs Courtesy of The Daily Mail