A Matter of Time


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Dear Readers:

I have a confession: I have a complicated relationship with time. Yes, my schedule gets busy, but like many artists, I can also be known to procrastinate which, if I am honest, is really not all that beneficial to me. There are other times when I have a childlike impatience, also not beneficial. Put bluntly: I’m human.

So often, we feel the pressure of time. The desire to speed it up, slow it down, return to it. The idea of living in the present has been mentioned so often that it can come off as an overplayed cliche, but there is more to being in your moment than experiencing a release of anxiety or fear. When we stop looking behind us or 20 feet in front of us, or closing our eyes and looking only at the dreams behind them, we experience a clarity that can only be obtained by paying attention to what is happening, right now, in real time. 

For those of you working with clients who are unhappy, this may help you focus on the task of tweaking designs and approaches to do the best job as opposed to allowing the successes or failures of the past to increase a feeling of frustration.  For those waiting for their businesses to grow, this may allow you to focus on your next steps and learn the challenging lesson that lasting success often catches up to you quietly and walks and stumbles alongside you.

We all have but 24 hours in a day and only 7 days in a week, but these moments will remain consistent, regardless of your acceptance of the opportunity and limitations that live within them. Today, I ask you to think about the way you spend your time. How happy are you most of the time? How often are you complaining about problems and working on solutions? Do you feel you control it or does it have its grips on you?



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