A Little Note on Becoming Successful (Hint: anyone can do it!)

Nature Photo, flowers

Me at a recent event I designed. Photo by Oetomo

I, like all of you, am still in the process of learning. I am an author, a boss, and for the first time ever I’m happy to inform you that I have been given a shot at teaching. In my journey, I have designed: flowers, bedding, clothing, linen, tableware, light fixtures, events, public art Installations, interior designs, even built Pavilions… For me, any design is about freedom: you think it and you DO it.

My main goal as a teacher is to inspire you to use this simple formula to be successful. I also want to guide you in avoiding all the mistakes and pitfalls I made along my journey. I’ll be teaching an event design course online and within many accredited colleges in the USA.

This course will be covering every single aspect of the event design process with hundreds of images to back it up. My ultimate goal is to stimulate your already existing power to become a success. I have joined forces with the extraordinary and innovative folks at the Wedding Planning Institute to make this course available to all.

For more information you can visit http://www.weddingplanninginstitute.com/prestonbailey/ or take a tour through the design course by clicking here. To enroll in these courses, click here or call 1 888-221-9988 x.9000.

I am convinced that every single one of us has the ability to succeed. It’s not a secret that I was not fortunate enough to graduate from high school. If I managed to get this far, so can every single one of you. The big secret to my success is that for 30 years I have learned this simple lesson: continue to be inspired–even from my failures. This, I think, is the only key to any success.

What would you want to learn if you took my course? I’d love to get any feedback you have to possibly incorporate into my lesson plans.