A Legacy Of Love: The Importance Of Authenticity


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Dear Readers,

For me, the holiday season has always served as  a time of reflection, joy and family gatherings. It’s also the time I lay the foundation for the New Year. It is, indeed, one of my favorite times ever; everyone is excited, the kids are buzzing with energy and expectations are running high. When you realize that there is so much love around you, the natural reaction is to try to keep that love alive for as long as you can.  I really feel that this is possible by adhering to a strong personal code that focuses not only on where you want to go professionally, but who you actually are as a person.

Today, I would like to share my rules with you and ask that you also share yours with me in the comment section below. Let’s inspire one another!

Rely On The Integrity Of Your Words: Practice being honest about your feelings and express your true feelings as much as possible. Do this not by imposing yourself or your opinions onto others, but by being as transparent and authentic as possible.

Think About Your Legacy: Whatever you do, don’t make this about what you want to be or what you do in your professional life.  Make it about how you want to be perceived by others and ultimately remembered when you are gone. Personally, I would much rather be remembered as an amazing person to those I have loved, known and worked with rather than as an amazing planner. What you do does not determine who you are. Who you are does.

Believe In The Purpose Of Your Life: Know that everything that you go through in life, good or bad, has happened for you. There is a purpose to your life. The outcome of the situation always depends on the lesson you decide to embrace from that particular moment. Know in your heart that every ounce of pain or happiness is meant to make you the person that you are today.

Give Love Naturally: Love is a gift and it shouldn’t be forced or rehearsed. Just let it be. Don’t allow grudges to live in your heart and allow yourself to feel relief while letting go.