A Florist Devalued & Insulted My Cake Artistry to Our Client



Dear Preston:

I love your work, most especially that you use a lot of flowers. I am a cakemaker myself and am pleased that my clients tell me they love my cakes because of how real they look. I have tried explaining the amount of time and effort it takes to sculpt the flowers I use on my cakes and that is why they tend to be more expensive than some other cake artists.  One of my clients responded to this explanation with a message from her florist. “Have him do a simple cake and I will decorate it with fresh flowers. Who really cares about sugar flowers anyway? No one eats them.” I have two questions for you: First, why would this florist try and undermine my prices and art when they make more money and second, how do you feel about using real flowers over ones made from sugar on a cake?

– Cake Dilemma


Dear CD:

I think this florist should be shot (just being dramatic).  I think this is the same as you telling the client to tell the florist, “Why use fresh flowers on your wedding day? They are just going to die anyway.” What kind of artist and professional would say such a stupid thing? I am personally in awe of talented cake-makers. In fact, I recently had the privilege of spending the day with my good friend, Sylvia Weinstock, and what you can do with sugar flowers on a cake is nothing less than edible art. The fact is that we all try and bring a bit of artistry to our work, and if the florist does not get this, they should just quit.

The beauty of a dramatic cake is amazing artistry that a cake maker makes with sugar. Fresh flowers should never–and I repeat never–be a replacement for sugar flowers on a cake. That said, they can be a wonderful enhancement to the artistry of sugar flowers on the actual cake’s base. CD, please continue to be an artist and ignore this foolish florist.

Question: What do you think of this florist undermining her art? As a cake-maker, do you mind when they use fresh flowers on your cakes?



(Photo Courtesy: John Labbe)