9.5 Traditions I Think We Should Break


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Dear Readers:

There are usually two types of brides that come to me: those who honor the timeless use of traditional elements and those who are eager to break tradition and create their own. As always, I am invested in honoring the requests of each specific client regardless of my personal belief that there are a few traditions that we should have discarded a long time ago.

There are also situations that require the establishment of new traditions, such as gay weddings. Fortunately, these weddings have been supported in many countries and cities around the world and now is the perfect time for gay men and women to create their own traditions while choosing which established ones they would like to embrace. I remember one of the biggest struggles I had with my own wedding was deciding which one of us would wear black and which one would don white. In the end, we decided to do our own thing.

Today, I would like to discuss 10 traditions that I think need to be broken based on the changes we have faced and many of us have embraced as a society.

The Virginal White Dress: The idea that a bride should only wear white as if she is a virgin is so outdated that I dare to say there would be a great decline in wedding dress sales if we truly followed this rule.

Bride and Groom Cake Toppers: A few of my brides chose these as a joke, but really, there are many more interesting ways to top your cake.

Separating The Families at The Ceremony: I never fully understood this one. I personally think it sends the wrong message all together; you should be uniting the families, not separating them.

Satin Shoes On Brides and Bridesmaids: Thanks to the amazing shoes available these days, this one has been tossed out the window. If you question this, just check out the shoes offered by Giuseppe Zanotti, Christian Louboutin, and Rene Caovilla.

The Silly Cake-Smashing: I always found this a bit unnecessary and today, it’s more so about taking the bride’s expensive makeup into consideration.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: As outdated as it may be, I confess that I still like this one quite a bit.

The Father Having Exclusive Aisle Rights: A lot of my brides like having both of her parents walk her to the altar and there’s nothing wrong with being walked down by a loving mother, especially if the bride grew up mostly with her.

Carrying The Bride Over The Threshold: This was a romantic gesture that was in place before society openly suggested that men and women were equal.

The Couple Leaving Waving Guests Behind: Most couples choose to be the last ones leaving receptions to not miss a moment of their big day.

Promising to Honor and Obey The Groom: I had to save the best for last. It’s no surprise that this one is omitted from most of my wedding ceremonies.

In closing, I want to say that we should all honor the traditions we believe in and in the way we see fit. In your opinion, which traditions do you want to let go and which ones would you like to keep? What is a new tradition you would like to start?



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