7 Must Do’s for Your To Do List


I hope you all got through your to do lists last week. I know I had a few difficulties with mine. Here’s an update:

I presented two jobs last week. They included concepts for two public Installations in Hong Kong, and another concept for the wedding of Bella and Edward for the upcoming movie Eclipse from the Twilight saga.

Even though I started the week being creatively spent, with the help of my amazing design group (Merv, Jee, Nikita, Drew, Blair, Ben and others…) we came up with many fun designs.

I managed to reach all my other goals except for taking the swimming class to improve technique. No excuse for this, simply my resistance at times to learn. (It will stay on the to do list until I get it done some time in the future.)

And, thank you for the book suggestions! I’m checking out The Forty Rules of Love (pictured) by Elif Shafak recommended by Eve and Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin, recommended by Yara.

This week, I’d like to make a few suggestions of must do’s for our to do lists. These tasks are specifically focused on getting new clients. You’ll be amazed how these few simple to do’s can help develop new jobs:

  • Call three old clients and tell them you are thinking of them and miss them. This is a great way of re-connecting, in addition to refreshing your former client’s memory about your services. (Placing these phone calls has gotten me more than one job.)
  • Call a potential client and tell them, “Even though you have not made a decision yet, I just wanted you to know I enjoyed meeting you and I’d love to work with you.” (Every potential client loves hearing that you are excited about their job. I know I do.)
  • If a client was happy with your work, call and ask if they could recommend three of their friends to you (most of the time they are happy to share you with their friends, other times they like having you as their best kept secret).
  • Call three vendors you have recently worked with and liked. Tell them you appreciate their talents and discuss a referral system for future clients. (There should never be a money exchange promised.)
  • Work on developing a database with your client’s special days: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This gives you an opportunity to call or send them something.

    Remember that your goal is to keep your clients and their family for life.

  • If you took photos of an event you worked on, send a few to your clients three months later, with a sweet note saying something like, “Still thinking of your great event.” Most clients love re-living their events and like to be reminded.
  • Last but not least, we all have that one phone call we resist making out of fear or procrastination to promote ourselves or our businesses. Make sure you make it before this week is over. (I have at least three to make.)

Next week on our to do list: how to get publicity.

Now please tell me, did you accomplish everything on your to do list last week and what’s on deck for this week?