Wedding Designs Are Beginning To Look The Same


Do you happen to agree that most wedding designs are beginning to look very much the same? Including mine?

For example: strands of white flowers hanging from ceilings, all white weddings or pastel colors, using an endless amount of flowers without a point of view (yes folks I have been guilty of this one many times).

I recently sat with a lovely bride that proceeded to look only on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas for her wedding. In a way, it was very informative because I learned a lot about my bride’s taste. I don’t think this is a bad thing, after all in the good old days most of my brides came to me with pieces of magazines cutouts.

I think the problem is that we are trying to please our brides by copying or by using each other’s work as inspiration, instead of creating our own.

For this reason, I am hoping to teach my PBprotege students how to create designs that are unique and with a different point of view.

I am having my next PBprotege In Puerto Rico. Please see details below:

DATES: August 15,16, and 17 2017
LOCATION: La Concha Resort

1077 Ashford Avenue
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907
T: 787.721.7500 | F: 787.977.405
PRICE: $3900
* apply a $399 discount when enrolled before 7/13/17

DEADLINE: July 15, 2017

The main focus is to teach my students how to design weddings and events never seen before.

We’ll be designing a luxury wedding for a lovely couple and their guests.

Please see below a sample of one of the rooms that we’ll be teaching students how to design.