Read It: The How Not to Cookbook

Being someone who has managed to mess up instant pudding three times in a row (don’t even ask), I would not consider myself the best cook. I have stumbled through the kitchen my entire life and up until recently thought that each of my faux-pas were the result of my personal inabilities alone.

That is, until I discovered The How Not to Cookbook by Aleksandra Mir.

Reading this compilation of humorous stories from home cooks across the country, I was suddenly not alone in my plight. These harrowing tales of failure and perseverance not only contained valuable advice but also wildly entertaining narrative.

While it is hardly the kind of book you have to read in one sitting, I was immediately captivated by the anecdotes of people just like me who met their match while preparing their own meals.

The book includes few recipes but more than enough useful tips. Far from a conventional cookbook, there are elements of memoir and self-help embedded within each page. Thus, when disaster strikes the kitchen, The How Not to Cookbook is where to turn first for comfort and counsel. You won’t be sorry.

Do you have any of your own cooking mishaps or tips to share?

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