Read It: The Art of Simple Food

Simplicity. Isn’t that what we all want in our lives? Isn’t that what we all need?

Alice Waters seems to think so. The famous founder of restaurant Chez Panisse and devout “food activist” has been an advocate for simple living for years.

Her newest book The Art of Simple Food is far from a recipe book, although there are at least 200 inside.

It is an educational tool to teach basic cooking techniques and skills that will leave you with real know-how in the kitchen (and out of the kitchen too).

Waters is a huge advocate of eating locally, seasonably and sustainably. She also believes in taking full advantage of everything farmers markets have to offer and her book delves into these topics with expert awareness.

What’s more is how she approaches the food itself. Waters provides the knowledge base necessary to break away from the over-used recipe and allows readers to be creative with their newfound prowess.

All of the dishes are healthy, easy to make, and fairly intuitive as well, not to mention delicious!

Have you tried eating simple food? Do you get any of your foods from local markets?

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