Read It: An Apple Harvest

Now that summer is gently roaring away, it’s time to concentrate our entertaining efforts on all the bounties of the next season: fall. And what food signifies fall better than apples? (Okay, maybe pumpkins, but that’s a different post.)

An Apple Harvest: Recipes and Orchard Lore by Frank Browning and Sharon Silva is a wonderful book full of, not only amazing apple-rrific recipes, but also the history of the elegant apple, combined with stories from the history of the two authors Frank and Sharon.

Being a California girl originally, I was never interested in the changing seasons. Fall felt like summer and summer felt like spring in Southern California. Only after moving here and living through the different seasons did I really understand how special and exciting it can be to watch the world go through its natural cycle.

Do you have any rituals you’ve created to help you transition from summer to fall? For me, I slowly start pulling out all the comforting things that bring extra warmth to chilly nights–down comforters and extra blankets.

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