Read It: All Cakes Considered

One of my favorite things to do is attempt to tackle a new recipe that is clearly out of my scope as a chef. Such attempts always result in a thick sheet of flour covering the counters of my hole-in-the-wall kitchen.

My grandma even stopped taking my phone calls on Sundays, as she has learned from experience that I’m calling about baking advice.

However, maybe my kitchen-catastrophe stroke is finally ending. After picking up All Cakes Considered by NPR guru Melissa Gray, I feel there might be some hope for me, and some treats in store for everyone here at Preston Bailey.

With fifty recipes interlaid with her amusing cake-related antics and commentary, any baker will feel comfortable working her way through the book.

The recipes are organized by level of difficulty, starting with a lemon-glazed sour cream pound cake (which she calls the “Man Catcher”) and ending with Stephen Pyle’s Heaven and Hell Cake (which includes angel food cake, peanut butter mousse, devil’s food cake and chocolate ganache).

If your mouth is watering now, just wait until you see the pictures of some of the “must try before I die” cakes, such as Peach Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Aunt Di’s Bittersweet-Chocolate Frosted Layer Cake, and Sour Cream Spice Cake with Orange Butter Frosting.

What is orange butter? No idea, but do I want it? Yes.

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