A Pirate Party for Captain Tyler

Who: Chris Nease
Where: Her house in Chester, Virginia
How many guests: 5
What time of year: September 2010
Reason: Her son Tyler’s 8th birthday

It’s a tough job to fashion a classy pirate party, but Chris Nease makes it look easy. During this swashbuckling birthday event for her son, Chris combined both sophistication and fun to create a truly memorable day. Check it out!

Chris says:

My son loves the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so I thought it would be the perfect theme for his birthday celebration.

I only had about a week to pull the party together so I ordered all of the supplies online through Amazon and luckily, everything arrived in time for the festivities.

I actually discovered that there are so many resources available when throwing an event.

By utilizing sources online, you can find creative elements for your party that you may not have been able to find in local stores.

I have always felt that kids parties should still be beautiful even though they are intended for a younger audience so I tried to create a more sophisticated look in my decor.

I set a stylish table with real dishes, linen napkins, and pirate goblets filled with “grog” (apple juice).

I also created a ship’s mast to stand at the end of the table, with it’s sails pulled up at rest and filled a pirate’s chest with coins, jewels, and other golden treasures.

Each guest had a name card propped in a mini treasure chest so he would know just where to sit.

Upon arrival, the boys were greeted with pirate tattoos to apply, pirate costumes to wear, and a crafty pirate ship to build.

They loved the interactive nature of the activities and really got into character.

Keeping with the theme, the food table was set to resemble old boxes and crates that may have been pried open by some scallywags.

There we had a wide array of snacks, including popcorn, corn dogs, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and chocolate gold coins.

A light lunch was also served, followed by cupcakes of course!

After their appetites were satisfied, they enjoyed a treasure hunt, and a photo session while in their pirate costumes.

These were by far, the most enjoyed activities, as they enjoyed the thrill of hunting treasures, and really got into character for the photos.

The treasure at the end of the hunt was the favor bags–a pirate tote full of goodies, perfect to use for trick-or-treating on Halloween!

This party was in many ways a trial run for launching my own children’s party planning business and I found it to be a great success.

I love the design and planning process and hope to pursue that passion as a career in the future.

It was wonderful to be able to celebrate my son’s birthday while doing what I love at the same time!

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