Designing With Flowers: A Final Tribute



Dear Readers:

Yesterday, with great sadness,  we said goodbye to my dear friend and mentor, Joan Rivers.  In over thirty years of business, this was the first funeral we have ever planned and designed.  As many of you have likely read (and as Joan would have liked), the temple was filled with celebrity friends and family.  But what I found most touching in the day was the many ways in which Joan changed the lives of those in attendance and around the world.

After doing the wedding for her amazing daughter, Melissa, many years ago, Joan took me under her wing to introduce me to Oprah and many of her other friends.  To say the least, my life was changed was changed forever.  We became friends. Whenever I look at my wedding pictures, I will always remember her kindness in marrying Theo and I on Valentine’s Day at the Empire State Building last year.

These past few days also brought the very bittersweet pleasure of spending time with Melissa whose grace and strength has left an impression on me that I can safely say will last a lifetime.  The way she has dealt with these very difficult times has been nothing short of incredible.  Melissa and Cooper, my love will always be with you.

In closing, I will share with all of you a little tribute we paid to our dear friend.  As Joan was also a fashion icon, I thought it was fitting to honor this side of her by creating one of her fashion moments in flowers at her memorial service.

Rest in peace my dear friend.