Preston Bailey’s Pillow Talk Episode 1: Going Broke

Crawl into bed with Preston as he shares some of his biggest mistakes as detailed in his personal diaries.

Preston Bailey’s Pillow Talk Episode 2: The Big Secret

Preston is exposing his dirty little secret. Watch the episode to find out what it is!

Transformations: Meet Preston Bailey

Globally-celebrated event designer, Preston Bailey, reveals his secrets of the trade to a group of aspiring designers at his New York studio.

Transformations Episode 1: Calling All Designers

While working on a sumptuous wedding in Miami Beach, Preston invites aspiring Miami-area designers to apply for a one-on-one mentorship opportunity.

Transformations Episode 2: Walk Before You Run

Preston visits Georgette at the home of a cousin -- one of the many family members who give her space to work and help look after her son.

Transformations Episode 3: Lost in the Fragrance

Preston brings Georgette to the Miami warehouse where his team is scrambling to put together floral sculptures and centerpieces in time for the big wedding.

Transformations Episode 4: Wedding Day

They have just eight hours to install an enormous white-on-white chuppah festooned with flowers and crystals, a cocktail reception area centered around the giant seaplane made of flowers, and a dinner tent with thousands of vibrant flowers and wall projections evoking a tropical paradise.