My Opinion: Planners Do Not Get Paid Enough

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PB Brides: My Father-In-Law Has No Filter!

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  Dear Preston: My father-in-law has no filter, and quite frankly, he’s a jerk. There’s no other way to say it.  Continue Reading >>

Scrap Your 5-Year Plan And Live In The Now

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Pick The Most Over-The-Top Ceremony Aisle

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Dear Preston: How Can I Be Just Like You?

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My Opinion: Young Blood Is Good Blood

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I Don’t Fit Into This “Glamorous” World.

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Which Tree Design Do You Like Best?

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Don’t Allow Anyone To Burn You Out.

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Dear Preston: I have been in this business for the past fifteen years and I still love what I do,  Continue Reading >>

Dear :Preston: How Do You Get Over Mistakes?

Dear Preston: My client just called to let me know that there was a miscalculation on an invoice and I  Continue Reading >>