Preston Bailey Wedding Scratch DJ

If you’ve taken a peek at Preston’s portfolio, you know how much he loves wow factor and creating memorable parties and weddings for his clients. And there’s no denying that a crucial component of a memorable wedding is the music. But finding the right DJ who fits your style and the tone of your wedding can be tricky.

Which is why we love Scratch Weddings. Because anything that makes wedding planning easy and fun is worth paying attention to. Scratch’s wedding DJs are based across the nation, so even if you don’t live in Los Angeles or New York, they’ve still got a DJ for you. Plus, their DJs have impressive resumes; they’ve done hundreds of weddings as well as events for bigwigs like Bloomingdale’s, Guinness, Paramount Pictures, Diesel, W Hotel, TopShop, the Tribeca Film Festival and Art Basel in Miami.

Just tell Scratch about your wedding, your style and your music preference. They’ll recommend a DJ in your area, and then you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the DJ, interview them and hear them do their thing.  Scratch doesn’t just recommend one DJ, they give you a choice of DJs that matches your style, taste and vision for the night.

Preston Bailey Wedding Scratch DJ

And for those of you who live in the NY tristate area, Scratch Weddings is participating in Brides Night Out on October 6th. They’ll be spinning at the Prince George Ballroom in New York City all night. Come out and check them out: let’s dance!

Preston Bailey Wedding Scratch DJ

*This is a paid post from a Bride Ideas sponsor. All Bride Ideas sponsors are screened, ensuring every one fits Preston’s philosophy and approach to good, supportive business.

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