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Stainless Steel Snack Caddy

Do you know about OpenSky? It’s a social networking site for shopping, and Preston is one of their stylish curators. Sign up for free and follow Preston: every week he’ll send you an email with a handpicked item he loves and how to use it. You’ll get first purchasing dibs at up to 60% off, which means you get to bring some of Preston’s fabulous style into your own home at affordable prices.

This week, Preston’s pick is a stainless steel snack caddyIf you sign up now, you’ll have access to this handy caddy, which is also on sale.

Preston always says that what separates a nice party from a fabulous party are the details. When you use attractive pieces that also work well, guests take notice and appreciate your efforts.

No wonder he’s such a sucker for sleek party servers that are also highly functional. Like this three-compartment snack caddy, for instance. Obviously, it’s ideal for nuts, chips and candy. But Preston also likes that it has a comfortable silicone handle, making it a cinch to move around as necessary.

But what really caught his eye with this serving piece is the chance to create a theme. What does Preston mean by a theme? Well, sure, you could just open a couple of bags of nuts and pretzels and be done with it. But you could also get a little creative:

If you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party this year, fill one bowl with white M&Ms, one with red and one with pink. Now you have a sweet as well as pretty treat for your guests!

Here’s another idea from Preston: Pour some confetti or glitter into the bowls and then set a tea light inside each bowl for an unexpected (and portable) centerpiece. After all, just because it’s called a snack caddy doesn’t mean you have to fill it with edibles.

stainless steel snack caddy

Check out all of Preston’s wonderful ideas and purchase your snack caddy (on sale!) here.

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