Preston’s OpenSky Bud Vases

Preston Bailey OpenSky Bud Vase Place Card Holders

Do you know about OpenSky? It’s a social networking site for shopping, and Preston is one of their stylish curators. Sign up for free and follow Preston: every week he’ll send you an email with a handpicked item he loves and how to use it. You’ll get first purchasing dibs at up to 60% off, which means you get to bring some of Preston’s fabulous style into your own home at affordable prices.

This week, Preston’s pick is a set of bud vase place card holders. If you sign up now, you’ll have access to this unique and clever set, which is also on sale.

Preston Bailey OpenSky Bud Vase Place Card Holders

As a designer, Preston has a great appreciation for innovative and striking designs — and these vase place card holders are a perfect example. As the name implies, the vases come with an ingenious slot for a place card. How lovely would it be to find your table and discover a flower waiting for you in a sweet little vase with your name on it?

Get all the details and purchase your bud vase place card holders here.

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