Preston’s Cake Plate and Charger

Preston Bailey OpenSky Cake Plate

Do you know about OpenSky? It’s a social networking site for shopping, and Preston is one of their stylish curators. Sign up for free and follow Preston: every week he’ll send you an email with a handpicked item he loves and how to use it. You’ll get first purchasing dibs at up to 60% off, which means you get to bring some of Preston’s fabulous style into your own home at affordable prices.

This week, Preston’s pick is an elegant cake plate and chargerIf you sign up now, you’ll have access to these pretty dessert pieces, which are also on sale.

Preston Bailey OpenSky Cake PlateIt used to be that having cake was a real treat. Cake meant you were celebrating something special. But these days we tend to take our cake for granted.

Which is why Preston loves cake plates; they make cake special again. When you present dessert on a cake plate, your guests will take note. They’ll stop talking amongst themselves and ooh and aww. They’ll get excited. And suddenly, cake is a celebration again. Just the way it should be.

Preston Bailey OpenSky Cake Plate

This cake plate is hand painted with a gold leaf gilding technique. It’s elegant and appropriate for all your celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s… even Valentine’s Day!

Unsurprisingly, though, Preston took things one step further: he paired his cake plate with an equally elegant sunburst charger. Available in either white or gold, this glass charger is hand painted, and like the cake plate, will take your dinner party decor to the next level.

Preston Bailey OpenSky Charger

Check out all of Preston’s wonderful ideas and purchase your cake plate (on sale!) here. And click here to learn more about the sunburst charger and order one for yourself!

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