Pancake Portraits by Henry Lipkis

If you live in San Francisco, we suggest you hightail it to Dolores Park for a very tasty and very personal pancake portrait!

Henry Lipkis Pancake Art Weddings Bride Ideas

Henry Lipkins pancake portrait wedding

We asked artist and chef Henry Lipkis how he makes his edible portraits, and we loved his answer so much we just had to print it verbatim:

“I use syringes to draw lines with pancake batter. Once I let the lines cook up a bit, I fill in sections from what I want darkest to the last — which will turn out the lightest. When I flip the pancake, the parts that have been cooking longer are darker than the other bits, and I have a full tonal range of pancake. At this point, it’s now a pancake portrait, and you get to eat your own face.”

Henry Lipkins pancake portrait wedding

You can also hire Henry to make pancake portraits at your wedding!

Henry Lipkins pancake portrait bride

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