AZATURE: Black-Diamond Pralines

AZATURE is a jewelry designer known for his fabulous Black Diamond jewelry and celebrity clients like Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Fergie and Rihanna.

We’ve been huge fans of his jewelry since he launched in 2007, but we got even more excited when we heard about his new collection of black-diamond pralines made with the rare “Wild Treasure” cocoa bean.

And it’s no surprise either that his chocolate pralines are just as gorgeous as his diamond designs:

AZATURE fine chocolate black diamond pralines

AZATURE fine chocolate black diamond pralines

And here are the mouthwatering flavors:

The Green Poire William with smokey caramel, pear and dark chocolate praline.

The Purple Chai with creamy chai and bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate.

The Gold Champagne with rich cocoa and bubbly champagne.

The Blue Cafe Machiato with Arabica coffee and Belgian dark chocolate.

The Black Wild Treasure Cocoa with all pure chocolate decadence.

The Pink Almond/Hazelnut Nougat with roasted hazelnuts and almonds with dark chocolate honey.

The Canary Almond Crunch with almond and Belgian dark chocolate in praline.

The White Signature with Belgian white chocolate and crispy wafers.

Click here to order your Azature chocolates now, which, fortunately, are MUCH more affordable than his Black Diamond jewels!

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