Love Is In The Air Winners: Danielle and Michael

Love is in the Air Winners Danielle and Michael on Bride Ideas.

The three lucky couples of the 19th Annual Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes are getting ready for their once-in-a-lifetime Preston Bailey dream wedding at the top of the Empire State Building this Thursday and we’re nearly as excited as they are!  Today, the Bride Ideas Team would like to introduce you to the winners.  First up, Danielle and Michael.  Be sure to watch their clever entry video here.

Bride: Danielle, a legal secretary who was born and raised in Miami, Fl.

Groom: Michael, Owner/operator of “SpeedBoat Tours” in Miami.


Tell us,  how did  you two meet?

Two of Danielle’s girlfriends were at the beach one day when they saw a girl laying on the beach by herself nearby.  My girlfriends walked over and introduced themselves to the girl, and it turned out that the single girl had just moved from Arizona to South Florida for her just job 2 weeks prior and she didn’t know anyone here yet.   Shortly thereafter, I met the new girl, and we all soon became friends.  About a year later, she invited me to her birthday party, and as it turned out, her friend/co-worker’s birthday was just a few days apart, so they decided to have a “double birthday” party together…Her co-worker, and the other birthday boy was Michael!   I knew after the first week we were together that he was the one I was going to marry.  It’s crazy to think that, had my friends not been so friendly on the beach that day, that I would never have met Michael.  I know that God had his hand in orchestrating everything and that it was his plan for us to find each other!


 Have a great first date story?

One our first date, I met Michael at a nice pool hall, he made a great first impression by wearing a dress shirt and jacket!  At the time, I believed that I had actually beaten him in several games of pool…but now, I realize that he let me win.  See, later I found out that he not only owned his own pool cue but also had trophy’s from tournaments he had won, and that he grew up with a pool table in his house!


We love a great proposal story! Will you share yours?

One evening, during hurricane Isaac, Michael and Danielle were bunkered down in her apartment waiting for the storm to pass and watching tv by candle light. Danielle had fallen asleep on the couch. Michael woke her up at 12:30am with a surprise, as he dropped to his knee, pulled out the ring and proposed.


Why did you decide to enter the Empire State Building and Preston Bailey’s Valentine’s Day Weddings contest?

Last year, we took our first trip to NYC together.  Our first stop was the Empire State Building. Being newly engaged, we joked, “wouldn’t it be great to get married at the top of the Empire State Building”.   So once we found out there was actually a contest, we decided to enter.


What are you most looking forward to about your wedding and why is winning this contest special to you?

We are really looking forward to seeing what Preston designs for our wedding.  It’s special because we are really looking forward to getting family and friends together to enjoy this experience at such a special place and on such a special day!!

What is the greatest struggle the two of you have overcome together? What is the greatest success?

Our greatest struggle and greatest success happens to be very closely linked together. For 2 years of our relationship, Michael was planning and hoping to start his own business, but constantly ran into one obstacle after another.  With Danielle’s support and encouragement, Michael perservered and enjoyed his greatest success this time last year, when he realized his dream, and launched SpeedBoat Tours.  Today his tour is ranked the #1 tour in Miami by Tripadvisor!


You guys have been together 8 years, what are you most looking forward to in married life?

Starting our lives together, moving in together and starting a family!

(Photo Courtesy of The Internal Intern)


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