Will You Answer The Three Most Common Cake Questions Asked By My Brides?

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Dear Readers:

This week, I am concentrating on the topic of cakes. I’d like to start by answering the “Real or Fake” question I posed about the image in yesterday’s blog.  The cake I showed you was 80% real. The cake makers from Cat and Mouth achieved the incredible task of creating a multi-layered design with hundreds of perfectly executed sugar flowers!

Now, let’s move further into the topic.  Having done my fair share of weddings, I am often in the position of answering questions about cakes.  Today, I would like to address the three most common questions and encourage all of you to chime in, even if you do not agree with me. Especially if you do not agree with me. As always, I see my blog is a forum on which I hope to exchange ideas, so share yours!

Though I love the intricate detail involved in the design of sugar flowers, they are a costly investment. Is it possible to get the same effect using a plain cake and fresh flowers?

I can see many of you cake makers rolling your eyes.  What makes a cake a piece of artwork is not only the taste and texture, but the details and craftsmanship that goes into the details such as sugar flowers.  I always suggest that my brides have sugar flowers, even if that means having less of them.  Fresh flowers are best kept for centerpieces. Also, a word of caution: If you insist on using fresh flowers, consult a professional as some flowers are poisonous!

Should a cake be displayed all evening or brought out when it is time to cut it?

This really depends on the bride.  While bringing it out at the last minute can be very dramatic, I personally love the idea of displaying a beautiful cake all evening.

Many guests leave soon after the cake has been cut. What is the best time to cut the cake in order to avoid that?

Allow me to share the way a recent Brazilian bride sidestepped this issue.  The couple cut the cake right after their first dance. I thought it was a wonderful twist on tradition. Why not try that?

Dear readers, will you help my brides by sharing your answers to the three questions above, and providing a little insight into your reasoning behind your answers?

(Photo Courtesy of Sylvia Weinstock)
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