When Vendors Get Too Social With Your Client (Images)


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Dear Readers,

I recently had a terrible experience with my client, thanks to one of my eager vendors who showed their work on Instagram.

I hired this vendor to do a job. As with all our vendors, I was sure to have him sign a confidentially agreement.

While we were setting up the event, I got a very angry call from my client. It appears that this eager vendor took the liberty of posting an image on Instagram before the event began, and one of her friends saw the wedding design before the guests had even walked into the event.

I have no problem putting images on social media, but folks, the reason people hire us to do their events is to primarily surprise and delight their guests. My client was rightfully furious of this breach of trust, and demanded that we gave her some kind of compensation.

I am at a loss for words. It goes without saying that I will never use this vendor again, but what do you think I should do?



(Photo Courtesy of BeautyGeeks)

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