Melissa Rivers Winter Wonderland Wedding

(Image via Preston Bailey)

When you create a great design that you and your clients love, how often do you repeat it? Do new clients come in, see this great design, and ask that you do the same for them?

When Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, got married, I created the winter wonderland wedding design that you see above for her. The design became one of my most popular, and for years, that’s all my brides wanted. I amused myself by inventing lots of different ways to reinterpret the look for each wedding. But I was ready to move on long before the brides were.

And then, recently, I met with another client who asked me to recreate a design from one of my books. As much as I want to please all of my brides and clients, my first inclination was to say, “Been there. Done that.” I envy fashion designers a bit; every season they have to create a brand new collection, which means every day they’re doing what they do best: Design!

What’s more, I always let my clients choose from at least three different design ideas, but that means most of my designs never see the light of day. It kills me that I have a large archive of drawings that have never been done…

There’s also the argument that using the same design repeatedly can save you a lot of money. This might be true, but it still feels a little lazy to me.

Readers, what do you think? I’d really like your opinion on this matter. Please share.

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