Up Close and Personal with PB: Traffic Manager, Carlos “Junior” Belo

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Dear Readers:

Today in my Up Close and Personal series I am interviewing Carlos “Junior” Belo. Junior has been with me for over 15 years and is very much a part of my family. He is one of those behind-the-scenes team members who brings our designs to life. I am very pleased to introduce him to all of you today.


What is your title and what do you do at PBD?

I am the Traffic Manager which means I am responsible for all shipping transportation of goods.

How does working long hours affect your home life? Does it impact your partner, spouse, children?

To be completely honest, there is a real impact. I’m unable to spend as much valuable time with my family as wished and that can be a challenge. Although, I do not mind working long hours if I am being compensated.

Is there a time you considered quitting PB designs? Why?

No, because I love working here.

If you had to change one (or many things about me) what would they be?

Nothing, truly.

What was the worst moment you have ever had on the job? (Tell us why)

We did a summer event on the beach in the Hampton’s. The access to the beach was a very narrow boardwalk and we worked in 108 degree heat. The client made us take down the whole tent and move it just 10 feet to be in the “right spot”. It was a very difficult and stressful job.

After a hard day at work, what do you really tell your best friends that drives you crazy about working for me?

I am so tired, but when the work looks great, I am proud.

Do you feel that you are being paid a fair salary or do you feel you deserve more?

No, I feel I deserve more.

If I were to give you a raise, how much would you ask for?

Around $100,000 per year.


Readers, do you have any questions for Junior?




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