Tonight, I Will Be Walking In J.Lo’s Footsteps (But Can I Do Her Dance Moves?)

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Dear Readers:

I am so excited about tonight. Thanks to the generosity of one of my amazing clients, I am hosting an intimate last-minute party for my book, Designing With Flowers, on the beautiful yacht, Utopia III.

Some of you will recognize the yacht as the locale for Jennifer Lopez’s birthday party and subsequent I Luh Ya Papi video. And more recently, Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 30th birthday on the boat.

It’s with this in mind that I am spending half of my day working on designs and the other half working on my pop-it-til-you-drop-it dance moves. I may not look as good as J.Lo in her famous green dress, but I can still do the running man (is that still in fashion)? I’ll also be enjoying my sisters wonderful comfort food as she is cooking for all of us.

Please feel free to join us by visiting my Instagram and Facebook pages this evening for photos and updates.



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