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I know I was just talking last week about the importance of a Stop Doing list but, as we all know, To Do lists are one of the most important tools we have to help us throughout our day (for business and personal). I thought it might help us to start sharing our To Do list of the most challenging things we need to do this week every Monday.

I was hoping that as we share the list with each other we’ll be able to accomplish each task by supporting each other. We can do this by always remembering that:
1) By eliminating excuses we encourage success.
2) By doing things NOW, we accomplish great things.
3) By accessing our ability to THINK SMALL and ACT, we easily accomplish our larger goals.

The practice of being successful begins with thinking big, yet taking a first small step. Don’t forget that there is no “RIGHT WAY” of doing something, just as long as you take action.

So, here is my TO DO list this week:

(I am designing a job and I feel stuck creatively.)
Spend half my day visiting museums and galleries.
See Iron Man 2 again–I was inspired by the special effects.
Spend a few hours at a book store.
Question for you: How do you get unstuck when it comes to being inspired?

Finish reading The Power of Coincidence by David Richo.
Question for you: I try to read a book a week. Do you have any great suggestions?

Eat at least two helpings of vegetables daily.
(Yes folks, vegetables are my least favorite food. Sugar is number one–I try never to eat it–followed by rice and meats.)

Take a swimming class to develop better technique.
Take a yoga class (Already did this morning.)

Continue preparation for moving into my new office on my new floor. This means letting go of lots of stuff (not easy).

My affirmation of the week (and always):

I hope you can share at least one part of what is on your To Do list this week with me. And keep in mind that you can’t get the HUMONGOUS things done today but you can certainly take the first step.

Let’s check in with each other next Monday.

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