Throwing a New Year’s Eve Party? 5 Things To Keep In Mind


Dear Readers:

With December in full swing, it’s time to start planning not only for the holiday, but for the biggest celebration of the year: The New Year’s Eve Party. Being in the event business, I have given many great NYE parties, but also a few awful ones. Most guests arrive at 10:00PM. Most guests drink a lot and cannot wait to get going as soon as the ball drops; it’s midnight and they are ready to party.

Today, I want to share a few ideas I have used to create a successful New Year’s Eve party.

Start your party at half past midnight. I will guarantee you’ll have tons of guests who will be ready to party after the boredom set in from the other parties.

Offer individual breakfasts or a breakfast table. Alcohol is synonymous with NYE. As your party is starting late, have foods that soak up alcohol available available to guests. Think small pancakes and waffles, small strips of bacon, muffins and bagels, crepes and french toast strips. You want them to be flavorful, filling and easy to eat.

Don’t overdo the alcohol. Everyone loves to toast champagne so make sure you offer the best variety and mix it with fresh fruit juice. The key is to use very little alcohol in the mix which will allow your guests to sober up a bit and still have a great time throughout the night.

Play a fun game. Have guests write down their resolution and also write down their email. This is a great way for guests to break the ice, make new friends and follow-up with each other.

Last but not least, have great music ready. Most guests will be ready to dance so make sure you have a good playlist ready. Being from Panama, I think latin music is always great fun works well. Just one word of caution: good music does not need to make your ears bleed (control the volume).

What are your best New Year’s Eve party tips? What is the one thing everyone should stop doing on New Year’s Eve?



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