Thinking Outside of The Vase: Summer Flowers

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Dear Readers:

I recently received an email from a bride-to-be asking for guidance in planning her summer wedding. Specifically, she was looking for advice on flower options and in creating “traditional summer palette.”  I thought I might share my response with all of you today and get your thoughts.

Summer is a beautiful time for flowers as there are so many varieties and colors available. From peonies, garden roses, sunflowers and dahlias; to delphiniums, gladiolus, hydrangeas, and sweet peas – the options are endless. For those who aren’t afraid of stronger signature fragrances, lavender, freesia, and lilies are also options.

I like to use flowers in unexpected ways, such as giant pineapple sculptures made from sunflowers.

Preston Bailey Event Ideas, Preston Bailey, Ideas for Events, Inspiration for Event Design, Sunflower, Palms, Pineapple, Sunflower Pineapple, Sculpture

As for color, I want to encourage you to go for what you want, without limitation. Many people limit themselves by thinking only of beachy pastel colors in the warmer months. However, vibrant colors can also work well when anchored by neutrals, such as creams, whites, and pale greens. Some clients have enjoyed the use of contrasting bright colors, which created a bit of a whimsical feel.

Lastly, when thinking of your venue, don’t overlook the weather. Not only is there a possibility of rain, but summer days can get hot to the point of discomfort for guests. Beaches, flower gardens, country clubs, and old estates are all options, but it’s important to have a place for guests to cool off.

Readers: What are your best summer bride tips? Share them in the comment section below.






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