Thinking Outside of The Vase: 10 Things To Know When Working With Flowers

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Dear Readers:

Today, I am posting for all of my flower-loving friends and sharing my Top 10 Things To Know About Flowers.

Most flowers do dot die as quickly as you may think. If you choose the proper flowers (roses and orchids are strong choices), they can survive a day out of water.

You don’t need to add chemicals to your water. Simply changing the water daily will work to help them last longer.

Know how to cut a rose so that it will open properly. Be sure to cut a stem at an angle paying careful attention not to damage it.  Imagine it as a straw. If you make a hole in the sides of a straw, you would not be able to use it.  Roses work in the same way. If you damage the stem, they cannot drink water properly thus they’ll open poorly.

When it comes to branches, a hammer is your best friend. Smash their base before placing them into water so that they can drink properly which will help them to open perfectly.

You can get your tulips to open perfectly. Many people do not know that they can delicately peel tulips back, one petal at a time, and be amazed at the shape they take on.

Smash your hydrangeas before using in an oasis. Well, not really.  Just their bases.  Do this and allow them to drink water for 24 hours before placing them in your oasis arrangements.

Know what flowers not to use in a bridal bouquet When it comes to choosing the flowers for your bridal bouquet, not all are created equal. If you want your flowers to survive well, do your best to avoid hydrangeas, gardenias, Lilies of the Valley, tulips, among others, these are flowers that work well mostly in magazines.

Don’t be a stain in the dress. If you love lilies, please remember to remove those annoying Anthers as they can one stain clothing.

Silk is not a four-letter word. It’s perfectly acceptable to use silk flowers only if you are doing flowers on a ceiling. Most of your guests will always assume that they’re real.

Seduce with centerpieces. A great way to seduce a client on a budget is by convincing them to incorporate potted plants into centerpieces. For instance, if you use an orchid plant as a centerpiece, the client could keep them for months.

Readers: Do you have any questions? Please share some of your tips and tricks for flowers below!



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