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Dear Readers, thank you so much for all of your many suggestions in response to my blog post on Monday. I really appreciated all of your ideas.

First and foremost, I’ve decided to stop hiring this florist. Many of you also suggested that I have my freelancers sign a confidentiality agreement. I think that’s a good idea. I had always hoped that an honor system would be sufficient, but, I guess that just isn’t enough.

At the risk of continuing to sound petty, today I want to talk about another type of stealing. The kind that happens online.

I sometimes receive emails from friends and clients telling me that they saw a photo of my work in a competitor’s online portfolio. Obviously, when this happens, my team and I immediately contact the other site and ask that the images be taken down. But it’s still very upsetting.

I’ve also seen sites that look surprisingly like my site. Some of my competitors have stolen my web ideas for their own sites. I’ve long believed that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I also think this can only be taken so far. Sometimes I feel like my peers have forgotten that true art is original art.

What do you think, dear readers? Has anyone every misrepresented images of your work as their own creations? Has anyone ever copied your website? What did you do?

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