PBBrides: Why I Chose To Reschedule PB Protege

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Dear Readers:

If there is one thing everyone in our industry knows, it is that the client always comes first (well, I hope they know this).  Fortunately, an amazing client has a beautiful reason to throw an event but has had to change her dates. Unfortunately, the new dates surrounding her event fall on those that we planned to do our next PB Protege course.

This was a tough decision to make, but we were so fortunate that those who have signed up have been understanding and hope the rest of you who wanted to attend but had conflicts can now make it to our next course which will be announced very soon.

I want to let everyone know that this was not an easy decision for me. I am very dedicated to both my clients and those who sign up for the course and I hope you will understand my position.

Let me ask all of you; have you ever had to cancel an event to accommodate a client? How did you handle it? How would you? It’s something to think about as it will likely happen down the road.



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