PB Hot Pick: Krikor Jabotian Wedding Dresses


Dear Readers:

I am often asked where I find my inspiration. While it is mostly from Mother Nature, once in a while I come across an incredible fashion designer. Some of you may have heard about the talented designer, Krikor Jabotian.


I think his dresses are more like sculptures that can be worn and really feel he understands the balance between drama, design and wearability. This is a man of my own heart.



I have looked at his designs for inspiration as I design certain elements of weddings, for instance, a dramatic tablecloth or chair cover. I have learned to be very careful though as one of the guests gowns wound up looking exactly like my tablecloth at one event! True story.
Which of the designs featured here do you like most? Personally, I am loving the amazing white dress with the draping in the back; it looks like angel wings.
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