PB Brides: 4 Ways To Plan A Memorable Wedding

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Dear Readers:

Before you pick your colors, flowers and venue, there are four things you must do. Today, I am sharing what they are in the hopes they help you begin your planning process.

Be Realistic: Sit down and really get a good grasp on your budget and put the bulk of it into that area. If you’re a foodie, put it into the food. If you want a fabulous dress, put it there. Of course, I am hoping you’ll choose decor.

Have Your Own Vision: It’s OK to look on Pinterest and get inspired by different designs and elements, but at the end of the day, give your guests something that has your personality in it. This is why I say forget trends and be a trendsetter. Knowing what you like, do not like, and what you can afford is a great place to start.

Hire A Great Planner: Brides, I know I have said it before, and I know many of you think you can handle it on your own but hear me out; a good planner can not only make the planning process run a lot smoother by saving you money with vendors and taking care of all of the logistics, but how can you enjoy your special day when you’re worried about when the food is coming out?

Have The Right Outlook: Your wedding day is a beautiful and special day to share with the love of your life and all of the family members and friends who have traveled to be there to support you and share in the celebration of your new life together. Make sure to take time to enjoy yourself while allowing the qualified vendors you have chosen to do their job.


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