My favorite quotes.

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My favorite quotes. 
Today I’ll like to share with you some of my favorite quotes.
Please feel free to answer the ones that resonates with you.
“Creativity comes in many different ways.
 Some people primarily SEE in there imagination,
 others primarily HEAR,
 others primarily FEEL”
How does creativity comes to you?
Are you one of those gifted folks that good ideas come in your dreams?
“CONFORMITY Means following the crowd down conventional paths, and maintaining the status quo, ORIGINALITY is taken the road less traveled, championing a set of novel ideas that go against the grain but ultimately makes things better”
Do you think you have the courage to be Original?
“Originals are people who take the initiative to make their visions a reality”
Do you have the patience to be an Original?
“The question is not whether you are a leader, but how well you lead”
Do you consider yourself to be a good leader?
“Experience is comparable; to fashion, an action that proved successful today will be unworkable and unpractical tomorrow” Og Mandino
I love this quote, If you think experience is everything, you are wrong.   We need to constantly work in reinventing our selfs.   This is also very hopeful for all you newcomers.
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