Independent Thinking: The Double-Edged Sword In Design

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Dear Readers:
Happy Fourth of July to those of you in the United States (and Happy Friday/Saturday to the rest of you). For many, this is a holiday spent eating, drinking, laughing (and even swimming) with friends and family. I have closed my offices and plan to enjoy the day with my loved ones, but wanted to log on and wish all of you a safe, happy, relaxing weekend full of inspiration and reflection.
Being that it is “Independence Day,” I wanted to discuss the importance and difficulty of thinking outside of the norm. In this business, we must always maintain the delicate balance of marrying the desires of our clients–often influenced by both personal feelings and experiences, as well as the designs they have seen elsewhere–with our own creative talents.
Our clients deserve for us to introduce them to new ideas and bring something fresh to the table without compromising the integrity of our promise to honor their vision. That said, we live in a world that is becoming increasingly “trend-obsessed” which, for me at least, is a direct threat to creative freedom and artistic vision. I always say to forget trends and create your own by following your own heart, but let’s face it; that’s not always easy, especially when you are starting out.
Today, I would like to ask all of you to think about the ways in which you will embrace your own independence, and bring something entirely different to whatever design, meeting or exchange you find yourself in. Do you feel pressured to conform? Do you feel you are able to express yourself as an artist in your work most of the time? Share your experiences with us.
(Photo Courtesy of Vogue)
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