Healthy and Tasty Desserts by Pastry Chef Jana Keith-Jennings

Jana Keith-Jennings Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Refined Sugar Free Blueberry Tart

Who decided that delicious desserts can’t also be delicious FOR you? Today I want to debunk this pesky myth!

The innovative and wildly talented Jana Keith-Jennings has been my personal chef for over a year now, and she has taught me so much about good food. She prepares my daily meals using a mostly raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free diet, and I have never enjoyed food more. And this is coming from a man whose favorite food used to be oxtail! The energy I have now, thanks to Jana, has been life changing.

But I still love my sweets, and on Jana’s diet I don’t have to go without them. Here are a few mouthwatering photos of some of the incredible desserts that Jana prepares for me. Yes, folks, I promise, these tasty-looking desserts really are good for you. And they taste even better than they look!

Jana encourages me to think — and eat — outside the box, so, sometimes, when I sit down to dinner, I eat dessert first. I may eat a healthy, mostly raw diet, but I still believe in living a sweet life.

Dear Readers, tell me, what’s your all-time favorite sweet treat? And, be sure to check out Jana’s great blog, “Sweet. by Jana,” where she writes about makingeasily digestible, non-dairy, and chemical-free desserts.

Jana Keith-Jennings Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Refined Sugar Free Strawberry Cake

Jana Keith-Jennings Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Refined Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles


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